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Plan ahead to prevent system failures

Companies have to exploit their machines and systems to the maximum, often even in a three-shift rota. This high burden leaves its mark, even on newer machinery. For this reason, you should always factor the likelihood of a machine breakdown or system failure into your in-house maintenance planning. All available preventative maintenance measures should be bundled to reduce the risk of failure to a minimum. Minimum system maintenance standards should include regular cleaning, visual inspection of hoses, and lubrication and greasing at the designated points.

But that’s not all. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are further important components in preventing machine or system failures. Optitek’s tip: If you stock up on important spare and wear parts, your staff can usually eliminate minor leaks on the spot themselves. Don’t do it alone – Optitek GmbH supports you: rapid – reliable – expert.


Stay on the safe side and agree a maintenance contract with Optitek GmbH, with a maintenance schedule at its heart. Periodic preventative maintenance measures can be clearly defined for each machine or system. Before you know it, you will be due for your next quality audit – proof of compliance with all maintenance cycles will ensure that you pass with flying colours.
Optitek GmbH’s experienced service technicians are also familiar with the critical machine points that are easily overlooked by non-professionals. Don’t leave anything to chance – rely on Optitek’s expertise when it comes to complex machine maintenance. 


Emergency repairs or preventative repairs as part of your maintenance planning? As emergency repairs can’t wait, we have set up a support hotline exclusively for dealing with emergencies. 

We will calculate all other repair measures and draw up a quote for you. The calculation is based on the type and/or scope of the defined services, which are agreed in a maintenance contract between you and Optitek GmbH. Our service technicians will also be happy to visit you in advance so that the scope of the maintenance schedule can be jointly determined and any further requests or additional suggestions from us can be taken into account. Optitek’s tip: To ensure that you incur no additional travel costs, these services can also be performed as part of another assignment.

In exceptional circumstances, for example in the case of very short-term assignments, maintenance and services can also be invoiced at our current hourly rates plus expenses. Your approval of the assignment is a rapid process thanks to email and downloads, and once we have your approval we can confirm the assignment immediately. What you can rely on every time: each service provided by our technicians is documented to the minute on a performance report, which is signed by both you and our technicians. This eliminates any potential misunderstandings during subsequent invoicing.


Has legislation changed the framework conditions? Are energy costs eating up more of your budget than usual? Time for a system optimisation, which will improve the performance of your machine or system. When machines/systems are in use, unwanted process changes can occur due to wear and tear, contamination, and residue formation in containers, pumps or other components. Optitek’s specialists will use suitable analysis methods to rapidly discover which mechanical settings or system parameter changes offer the most effective optimisation potential.
We are happy to take on the following tasks:

  • System optimisation
  • Device calibration
  • Software adjustments
  • Wear and tear diagnosis
  • Stoptime measurements on machines with dangerous movements

Observing and complying with occupational health and safety standards in the workplace is an important part of a company’s obligation to its employees. For this reason, the German Industrial Safety Ordinance (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, BetrSichV) requires the periodic inspection of all machines and systems. Inspection certificates are issued by the accident insurance institutions (professional associations/accident insurance companies as members of the DGUV) and approved by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales). Implementing these regulations is also important with regard to operating your systems in a legally compliant manner. Checklists from professional associations make our inspection engineers’ work easier.
We offer:

○ Comprehensive safety inspections
○ Comprehensive function checks and visual inspections
○ Execution of test runs
○ Stoptime measurements
○ Inspection of contactless safety devices for power tools

At the end of the inspection, we draw up an inspection log, with a description of the defect(s) found where applicable and appointment(s) scheduled to remedy the defect(s).


These days, making the most of a production system’s technical possibilities, or those of individual machines on a production line, is automated as far as possible using the latest digital technology. Nevertheless, system operators and setters are still important within the production process. At this point, Industry 4.0 does not mean replacing people with machines; rather, in order to design Industry 4.0 the requirements made of people will change. Practical training and further education are therefore important instruments for keeping your employees’ level of knowledge up to date with technological progress and digital developments. We provide you with specialist background knowledge and share valuable practical tips. This has advantages for everyone involved.  Operating personnel gain security in handling the system, and system setters can intervene in the production process if necessary. The results of your production will inevitably improve.
Take advantage of our expertise for yourself! We will take over:

○ System-specific employee training,
○ Help with commissioning,
○ Tips & tricks directly from the specialists

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