Press Technology

Assembly and modernisation of hassle-free press systems

Looking for a new press, interested in overhauling or updating your existing machine, or in the market for a completely overhauled press? At Optitek GmbH you will find the necessary know-how combined with many years of experience. Whether you’re looking for 100 or 2000 ton press force, we design new systems or update your machines with the latest hydraulics and/or servo technology, as well as safety and electrical engineering. Our retrofitting solutions bring your machine up to date with the latest technology, taking into account potential technological upgrades. Well-planned renovations or overhaul works offer high potential savings, particularly in the energy sector. During the conceptual analysis and subsequent technical implementation, we also take hydraulics and operational safety into account.

We are happy to implement any of the following, and much more:

  • Press development and construction according to your requirements
  • Planning and production of a new press drive concept
  • Assembly of the modular blocks into complete units, depending on the features of the individual press
  • Complete disassembly of press frames, cylinders, press rams etc.
  • Plunger and cylinder seal replacement, including hard chromium plating on the piston rods
  • Conversion and modification of press hydraulic controls, including renewal of entire valve technology
  • Renewal of wiring, piping and hoses
  • Renewal of control engineering
  • Optional connection to the company’s own network, enabling additional functions (e.g. VPN, recipe management or central data archiving)
  • Customised display in customer’s choice of language
In general we offer the following options:
  • Purchase of a new system
  • Purchase of a completely overhauled system
  • Rental of a new or completely overhauled system
  • General overhaul of your existing systems
We offer the following options for the systems we deliver:
  • On-site commissioning for the customer
  • A guide to production – for specialist system usage optimisation
  • On-site employee training for the customer
In this way, we support customers with our experience and technical expertise to ensure their complete satisfaction.
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