Automation and specialist mechanical engineering

Futuristic technology meets know-how

We design and manufacture specialist mechanical engineering systems according to customer requirements. Ultimately, the majority of our projects involve specialist mechanical engineering through which we develop tailor-made solutions for individual requirements. We start by carrying out a precise analysis of the customer’s idea and the task to be solved. Whether it’s a highly complex, fully automated large-scale system or a simple, manually operated one-off construction – at OPTITEK GmbH we have a highly motivated, committed team with extensive, varied experience.
We offer the following options for the systems we deliver:
  • On-site commissioning for the customer
  • A guide to production – for specialist system usage optimisation
  • On-site employee training for the customer
In this way, we support customers with our experience and technical expertise to ensure their complete satisfaction.

The following list is just a small selection of the projects we have implemented:


Our rotary table systems are ideal for the production of medium to large quantities. The basic equipment consists of:

  • A rotary platform in flat design 
  • A drive via a revolving chain or centrally using a side-mounted geared motor with pneumatic chain tensioning device 
  • A top-mounted central bearing with castors positioned on the outside  
  • Energy supply via a slip ring and rotary distributor

Rotary tables are ideal for providing horizontal transport in the continuous operation of foam tools. We often supply rotary tables with working platforms positioned above the main platforms to provide space-saving accommodation for the required equipment.

Further features…

  • Various diameters depending on the application
  • Hot-dip galvanized coating or finished in accordance with your RAL colour specifications
  • Steel castors mounted on disc springs
  • Frequency-controlled geared motor as drive
  • Foot protection for lower rotary table partitioning 

Converting or retrofitting your waterjet cutting system is often worthwhile if you compare the cost to that of investing in a new system. As with any system, there are various different conversion scenarios, for example, it may be necessary to expand the system to include several robots. Or maybe the cabin needs new sound insulation. Optitek GmbH can do all of this! Naturally, you should also consider updating your system controls to include the latest digital technology or adapting the display to include touch-screen functionality. We provide a wide range of options, and thanks to state-of-the-art components, you can optimise your production processes, minimise downtimes and increase the quality of your end product.

Here are some of the key available options:

  • Cabin conversion when expanding to include additional cutting robots
  • Subsequent sound insulation with a special absorption layer applied to sheets of galvanized metal
  • Conversion to the latest control engineering
  • Display adaptation or redesign
  • Software development for cutting robots and entire system processes
  • Renewal of safety devices in hazardous areas

Of course, we put all of our state-of-the-art machines and systems through their paces in our workshops and document the results. But even after delivery and on-site commissioning, we don’t abandon you. Our service also includes telephone support should you ever need technical help.


The basic preheating station equipment includes the heater, the housing, the control engineering and the safety technology. The system is also provided with the corresponding extraction sockets on the housing for subsequent connection to the customer’s existing extraction system. When combined with a downstream system, customers can use Profinet to communicate with both systems, whereby the electrical supply to the preheating station is independent of the downstream system. The user’s operating area is secured by safety light curtains, while a protective fence usually provides lateral safety. An easy-to-understand display simplifies the work of operators and machine fitters.


Release agent automation technology is becoming increasingly common. The team at Optitek GmbH are experts in the implementation of this application. In most existing systems, the release agent is applied manually to the upper and lower parts of the tool using hand-held spray guns. After years of cooperation with manufacturers of robots, release agents and linear axes, Optitek has developed efficient solutions for the automated application of the release agent in the correct position without the need for human intervention. This also applies to systems with low electrostatic emissions.

Release agent automation technology offers the following advantages:

  • Cost savings thanks to efficient robot technology
  • Material savings through precise moistening of the tool halves, whereby overspray is reduced to a minimum
  • Scheduled maintenance and thus high production reliability
  • All release agent peripheral equipment can be mounted on robots
  • Robots can be positioned on a linear axis to achieve a larger range
  • Minimal contamination of the working area
  • Automatic spray gun with flat and omnidirectional adjustment

This system technology is used to cover hot water storage tanks with insulating foam. The technology makes use of an Optitek foam system with a servo-adjustable dosing system for polyol and isocyanate. The system is also equipped with an expansion module for dosing the blowing agent in order to achieve excellent energy efficiency with minimal heat loss. The raw hot water tanks are transported upright on a roller system provided within the overall system for this purpose. The specially designed Optitek mould carrier/tool combination takes the entire storage tank and completely encloses it. Thanks to a flexible locking system, just one tool is able to deal with storage tanks of various heights and versions. After the tank has been covered with foam and the reaction time has elapsed, the operator removes the fully insulated tank to put on the final foil cladding. A few simple steps are enough to produce an extremely high-quality storage tank insulation solution.

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